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Train To Become A Network Engineer.


Cisco Certified Engineers Earn An Average Starting Salary of £25,000

Join us for a 1-to-1 training session on Cisco Networking Devices, The best way to start your career in IT with confidence. Ask for more details now - we are glad to help.

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Gain Industry Recognised Certifications

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Our 1-2-1 taster training session allows you to make a comfortable decision and choose a right career path. 

Training on real networking devices under the supervision of Internetwork experts is a real joy and you will cherish the journey when we break the networks and you can fix them.

Certifications are a tangible proof of your technical advancement so by gaining them will make your CV standout from the crowd.

We will write your CV, cover letter and technical training references to ensure you are proud of your technical skills and ready to explore the Industry with confidence.

We don't shy away from help. Here @Synergy_Networxx we believe in helping and growing together as a team and as a family.

Transforming Ordinary People With Extra Ordinary Stories By Hands-on Instructor-led Training.


Programme Name: Internetwork Engineer Training Programme

Mode: Hands-on Instructor-led

Finance: Flexible Installment options available

Who Should Attend: Anyone with a passion for IT

If you would like to join us for a FREE 1-2-1 taster Training session, please fill out the form below - Looking forward to see you soon!

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