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Synergy Networxx is all about developing the network engineers of the future.

What we do?

We provide Hands-On, Instructor-led training on real networking devices to candidates who are finding it difficult to enter the ever competitive IT Industry. We realised that a candidate who wants to get in IT, it is increasingly difficult to get noticed by employers. The only way they are going to stand out from the crowd is by gaining the technical skills employers need them to have to benefit from a rewarding career in IT.

Why join us?

We aim to infuse brand new energy in the IT training & certifications domain by introducing world class and industry proven technology based programmes with in-house Lab Work Experience for producing the next generation of certified IT experts.



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Did you know?

A cat got into the office and had a good night sleep with warm routers and switches in our Network operations center. 

Why we're different?

We offer a one-of-its-kind learning experience in a flexible style to IT aspirants who are serious about taking the next footstep in their careers by providing the cutting edge technology based training on real network infrastructure at a remarkably affordable cost.

As an organisation, our ethos is simple:

Creating tomorrow's Network Engineers….. Today 

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