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Whether you need to support BYOD work practices, or provide more secure access to your data center resources, the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) can help. With this all-in-one enterprise policy control platform, you can reliably enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and simplify service operations. According to various Networking BIGWIGS, BYOD(Bring your own device) is the next big thing in corporate companies.

What Synergy Networxx Provides

Our Team of highly qualified Engineers led by World Renowned Engineer Khawar Butt have researched thoroughly in this game changing device. Transform your workplace and make it more efficient with Cisco ISE.

What you gain

  • Implement BYOD and Transform your Workplace.

  • Ensure your Tablets and IPADS and make sure they are compliant

  • Enhance Infrastructure Security

  • Save Money on Infrastructure

  • Better Secure Mobility

  • Ensure your endpoints are authorized

  • Ensure your endpoints are Posture Compliant

  • Track active Users and devices

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